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ID Split Rings for Falconers

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split rings and certification

Split rings are for "closed rung or mature birds" that do not have an ID Ring Identification System or ID Ring in place. The ring automatically works as a "return-if-lost" mechanism when registered with us. When you purchase a split ring from ID Rings, it automatically includes FULL Certified Registration on our Data Base.

What will I receive when I purchase a Split Ring?

1: Split Ring (all split rings are supplied individually). All of our split rings have a unique identity number and are not year marked.

2: ID-Ring Registration Certificate: This unique Certificate will be sent out to you with your split ring. The Certificate must be kept by you and passed to any new keeper of the bird in the future. Your details are held in strict confidence.

Easy Solutions: Our service is quick and efficient, there is no need to send anything back to us by post. When you sell your bird, you simply hand over the ID Ring Certificate to the new owner, so that the new owner also has the information available to update the Registration System with his/her contact details.
split rings