ID Rings

Closed ID Rings for A10s (Optional ID Registration)

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closed breeders rings

It is now a LEGAL requirement that all captive bred birds of prey have a Captive Breeding Certificate and are close-rung so please use our rings, our certificate, and our identification scheme as part of your birds legal, welfare and safety programme.

What will I receive when I purchase a Closed Ring?

1: Closed Rings (all closed rings are supplied in strings of 10 rings). All of our rings have a unique identity number and are not year marked.

2: Captive Breeding Certificates: to be kept by you and passed to the new keeper. The Captive Breeding section has to be filled in and kept by (you the breeder). 10 copies of the Certificate will be sent out to you with your order [1 per closed ring]. The service is quick and efficient, there is no need to send anything back to us by post.

OPTIONAL: Registering your ID Ring: If you want your bird ring to be used as an ID ring, register your bird/ring on our Data Base, so that your bird can be identified if lost, and returned to you. This can be done by you the (breeder) or you the (new owner) of the bird. Click here for more details.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I DO NOT: REGISTER MY BIRD?: Lost birds found wearing our Closed ID rings that have NOT been registered on our data base, will not be identified when lost and found. It is VITAL to register your bird/ring before you fly your bird. Please consider registering your bird online, it only takes a couple of minutes, it's that easy and will result in your bird being identified when lost. When you sell your bird, you simply hand over the complete Captive Breeding / ID Ring Certificate to the new owner, so that the new owner also has the information available to update the Registration System with his/her contact details.
closed breeders rings